title: Wounds and Kisses - PART.2

rate: M

the friggin long awaited, and at last its finished. (be sure to read the last page 21)

heck i’m losing my sleep here, looking forward for the feedback guys!

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No words, Amazing art

I can cry later... now, to save my friends, I've gotta fight! 

Natsu Dragneel |I will never give up….I will never give up! As long I’m still breathing in this world… As long I’m still standing, I will never give up !!!


”Thank you.
For the sake of everyone's future…
I won't let it happen…

2014.05.03 happy birthday lucysenpaii! {1/3}


”Wh… what are you talking about?!”

2014.05.03 happy birthday lucysenpaii! {2/3}